Wi-Fi Password and Usage Policy


Year Up expects that any and all usage of wireless (and wired) networks at Year Up sites is used for work-only purposes, and is not used for streaming of entertainment, the downloading of large non-work files, or the access off unauthorized sites and content.

The following Wi-Fi SSIDs are available for use:

YU_Staff 5G

  • Is to be used by Year Up staff with devices issued by Year Up only.
  • The password for YU_Staff is: yu_m155ion

YU_Student / YU_Student 5G

  • Is to be used by students enrolled in the Year Up program with Year Up issued computers.
  • The password for YU_Student Wi-Fi is: y3arup_stu


  • Is to be used by temporary visitors to Year Up sites - this includes speakers, unenrolled students, Alumni, personal computers and phones, and others.
  • The password for Guest Wi-Fi is: w3lc0m3!


  • The none-5G staff SSID was deactivated in July, 2018 as all staff-assigned systems use 5G.

If you have questions, contact IT Help

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