Mobile Device Policy - Assignment


The assignment of a Year Up-issued mobile device should be communicated by the Direct Manager of the employee, and said employee must meet one of the following requirements:

  • The employee’s duties require them to spend time off-site at least 50% of their scheduled weekly hours on a regular basis.
  • The job function requires the employee to be accessible off-site regularly.
  • The job function requires the employee to be accessible to Year Up leadership or Students in an official capacity 24-7. (This would not include individual mentoring or coaching)

Examples of the types of roles that automatically meet these requirements are:

  • Accessibility criteria:
    • CEOs, Executive Directors, National IT positions.
  • Off-site criteria:
    • Internship Services, Recruitment / Outreach, National staff who travel regularly.


  • Year Up has two models of cell phone available for use:
    • Apple iPhone SE
    • Samsung Galaxy A01


Personal Device

  • If an employee is not assigned a mobile device, then Year Up is not responsible for any elective use of the employee’s personal device. In addition, employees who do not have a Year Up-issued mobile device are not expected to be accessible via their personal mobile devices, except in very urgent situations.
  • Year Up does not reimburse for service / use of personal devices.

Device Re-Assignment

  • It should be expected that upon a role change within the organization, a mobile phone device may no longer be provided to an employee. For example
    • If an employee has a mobile device and moves to a new role that does not meet the criteria above, the employee’s mobile phone device will be reassigned to the employee’s replacement and will not move with the employee to his/her new role.
  • Year Up will periodically review the above criteria and job roles of mobile phone device holders and may, from time to time, make adjustments to mobile phone device assignments.

Device Contact Number

  • Phone numbers associated with a Year Up-Issued device are the property of Year Up, as with the phone. These numbers may not be transferred to personal devices by request, or if and when a device holder leaves the Organisation.


  • Fill out and send the Year Up Mobile Device Policy Agreement to IT Help.
  • This ticket must be sent by the Direct Manager of the employee or have the Direct Manager CC'd. No mobile devices will be assigned unless a Direct Manager has approved the need and order.


  • Loss of a phone must be communicated via IT Help.
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