Not Assigned App In Okta

You are seeing this error page because the application you are attempting to access uses the Year Up Single Sign-On (SSO) authenticator, Okta to provide access. Please see below on how to proceed, depending on what steps brought you to the error page:

Via a Link

  • If you selected a link which resulted in this error page, simply visit Okta and select your application chiclet. This will provision your account to the respective platform.
    • If you were directed to this page via an IT Help Center link, then select the IT Help Center chiclet to provision your account:


  • Click on your initial link once again, or navigate within the application to find your information.

Via a Chiclet in Okta

  • If you clicked on a chiclet in Okta, and it brought you to this error page, it is likely that either you manually added a chiclet yourself (which is more likely a bookmark), or a chiclet was added to your Okta dashboard with which you do not have an account yet.
  • If this is the case, contact IT Help.
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